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Traveloka x Local Deals

Get the best deals available every day and save up to PHP400 OFF for Flights, Hotels, and Attractions! Plus, enjoy up to 3.2% Cashback!

2024-04-10 to 2024-06-01


Traveloka x Spring Holiday

Enjoy 20% off on spring deals with Traveloka - plus get as much as 3.2% cashback!

2024-03-01 to 2024-06-01

Terms & Conditions
  1. ONLY hotel transactions are eligible for cashback.
  2. We reserve the right not to accept you or bookings (or in exceptional cases to cancel confirmed ones) at our discretion and for whatever (legal) reason without the need to justify such refusal.
  3. In rare cases, we may also have to cancel or reject a booking or make adjustments due to “obvious errors”, independent of the origin of such errors.
  4. For Cancellations, please note that you may be charged for your cancellation in accordance with the Accommodation’s cancellation and no-show policy, in some cases for the entire stay or the first night.
  5. Refund is only allowed for refundable hotel bookings.
  6. o get more detailed information of your hotel room reservation refund policy, go to your booking detail / hotel voucher.
  7. Cancellation may be subject to some additional fees, depending on each hotel’s policy and your refund method.
  8. The refund process for Hotel reservations may take up to 5 days after a complete refund request has been received, and upon approval by Traveloka according to the applied terms and conditions.
  9. Partial refund request is not accepted; refund for any hotel reservations will apply to all of your reservation under the same Booking ID.