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Terms & Conditions
  1. You need to start your cashback journey from the Cashback/Rewards program. Unfortunately, if you did not start from the Cashback/Rewards program before checking out the order, we will be unable to track your order and thus no cashback or points will be awarded.
  2. Please be reminded that cashbacks shall be awarded 60 days after the date of your stay/flight.
  3. The Singaporeair.com Online booking facility is solely to assist you in determining the availability of travel-related goods and services and to make legitimate reservations or purchases for yourself and those travelling with you. Abuse of the booking facility may result in, amongst other things, your being denied access to it.
  4. You will use the Singaporeair.com Online booking facility to make only legitimate reservations.
  5. You may make reservations for up to 9 passengers in Economy and 4 passengers in Business and First Class for SQ flights. For itineraries containing flights operated by other airlines, reservations can be made for up to 4 passengers in Economy and 2 passengers in Business and First class.
  6. Infants (under 2 years at the time of travel) and children (2 to below 12 years at the time of travel) must travel with an accompanying adult. Tickets booked through the Singaporeair.com Online booking facility must be made under the same reservation.
  7. Reservations are subject to the applicable fare conditions and the seat vacancies in that fare group.
  8. You may require a visa for travel to some destinations. It is your responsibility to obtain this visa. You must have a valid passport for the duration of your trip and the expiry date must be acceptable in all the countries you enter.