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Terms & Conditions
  1. Our charges or rates for providing the Services are shown here and are subject to change from time to time at our discretion. Unless otherwise stated, all charges are quoted in U.S. Dollars.
  2. All the ShippingCart charges and fees, such as the shipping fee, warehouse special request fee, fixed handling fee, valuation fee, cart storage fee, and any customs duties, taxes, fees, and other charges attached to importation that may be imposed by the concerned government shall be shouldered by the User.
  3. You will compensate ShippingCart for any penalties or fines incurred on any Shipments or goods found to be prohibited, hazardous, illegal, or are classified as controlled substances.
  4. ShippingCart will only ship a package/s with a maximum declared value of Five Hundred US Dollars (US $500.00) per shipment.
  5. Cashback/points will be awarded in 60-90 days.